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An Ancient Art Enters the 21st Century

For thousands of years, the art of therapeutic massage has been practiced and documented by civilizations across the world. Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote, "The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing."

With such a strong history, it's not surprising that therapeutic massage has been gaining increased acceptance in the American medical community. However, massage therapy has generally been left to professional massage therapists due to the mess created by greasy massage oils and the lack of proper technique by those of us who practice massage for recreation and relaxation.

We created the line of Beyond Massage products to overcome these problems by making massage more convenient, more effective and less messy. In our product lineup, you'll find massage oils that completely dissolve in water, allowing you to wipe your skin totally clean with a damp cloth, and precision-built massage tools that can be used through clothing. We also have massage oil bars called Massage Melts that not only allow for a great bare-skin massage but also moisturize the skin with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.

Beyond Massage OilsBeyond Massage Oils
Specially formulated to dissolve in water, our Beyond Massage oils can do things other massage oils can't. You'll never go back to regular massage oil after trying these.
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Dolphin MassagerDolphin Massager
The design for this wonderful Dolphin Massager came to its creator in a dream. You'll think you're dreaming, too, when you find out how great it feels on tense muscles.
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Octopus MassagerOctopus Massager
This lovable Octopus Massager gives the perfect deep tissue massage right through clothing with eight "arms" that never get tired.
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Wooden Massage ToolsWooden Massage Tools
Each one of these wooden massage tools is designed for a specific area of the body, and they can all be used with our Beyond Massage oils.
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Massage Melts Massage Melts
Experience a massage like never before with these exciting new Massage Melts that prepare the skin for a fabulous massage while giving it the moisture it craves.
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